Rides & Trips

We can take you to any destination you choose, and we can adapt ourselves to your needs; Airport, Coastside, Vineyards, Countryside, Zoo’s, National Parks, Ski Centers and City Sightseeing /Pick Ups, Drop Off’s and Roundtrips

Airport Rides

Pickup's & Drop Off's

DONT MISS YOUR FLIGHT! My Ride Chile is proud to present one of the most asked services Nowadays. Our rides to the airport have everything you need to get to you flight relaxed and ON TIME!

We know how important is to have someone waiting for you already on the airport, that’s why the following information it’s very important for us when you reserve your ride.

– Arrival Date
– Landing Estimated Time
– Incomming Flight Number
– Active Phone Number

If you are flying domestic, you should be at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight.

If you are flying international, you should be at the airport at least 3 hours before your boarding time.

Always remember that the traffic in Santiago is very unpredictable and anything could happen while we are getting closer to the airport. SO A LITTLE BIT OF EXTRA TIME DOESNT HURT ANYONE.

To book a Drop Off at the airport you must send the following information:

1) Pick up Address
2) Pick Up Date
3) Pick Up Time

If you want to drop a family member in the airport, say goodbye and then comeback to your place. WE CAN GIVE YOU A PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT AND WAIT FOR YOU TO ENJOY THE LAST MINUTES WITH THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE.

Special Rides

Inside & Outside City

We can take you wherever you desire! My Ride Chile is open for business and we are avalaible to please you in any suggestion: Just send us a Message.

  • Ski Center’s
  • Zoo’s
  • National Parks
  • Beaches
  • Countryside
  • Weddings

– Pick up Address
– Destination Address
– Pick up Time
– Drop Off Time

If you are in town for business and you have to visit many, many spots in one day, We recommend the DRIVER FOR A DAY service, because it has all the GOLDEN FEATURES of our service at a CONVENIENT AND PROMOTIONAL RATE with all benefits of having a driver just for you.

Regular Drop Off’s at your required destinations with all the GOLDEN FEATURES you already know.

Please remember to send us Dates, Times and Address to check our availability in our calendar.

Here's some INNOVATIVE TOUR IDEAS for Santiago, Chile

You can always set up your own tour with your own venues and stops to visit.


About us

My Ride Chile is a Private Transport Service dedicated to make you enjoy your ride, whatever your destination is; Home, a Meeting in the City, a Wine Tasting or a Ride to the Airport.

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